Faq Q&A


Why do I need to prior notice to visit a church?

Most of the churches in the World Cultural Heritage “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region” are not tourist facilities, but churches that function as places for religious events (Mass, funeral, etc.) and prayer.
Therefore, it is essential that these coexist in an orderly manner, with consideration for local residents and congregations, and the orderly disclosure of world cultural heritage.
We ask that the general public refrain from visiting during religious events, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation with the prior notice system.

When can I prior notice for a church tour?

Online registration is available up to 2 days prior to the visit.
If you wish to visit the day before or the day of the event, please call the our center.(TEL:+81-95-823-7650/Reception hours:9:30~17:30)

What happens if I am late for the prior notification time?

If you are going to be more than 30 minutes ahead or behind your prior notification time, please call our center.
If you do not exceed 30 minutes, you may simply give your name to the receptionist on site.

What if I cancel my planned visit?

Please refer to here for cancellation procedures and follow the procedures on the web.
If you have applied by phone, please call our center.
*Many people do not follow the cancellation procedures, and this is causing problems for our local staff. Please be sure to follow the cancellation procedures or call us.

What is the role of a church attendant?

The main duties of the church attendants are to watch over the churches and surrounding area within the World Cultural Heritage “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region” and to receive and coordinate visitors.
Most of the members are local residents and local believers.
Some of their members are knowledgeable about history but are not guides, so if you would like a guide, please contact a local guiding group or other organization.

I would like to ask for a guide at the church.

If you wish to have a guide, please contact the respective guiding organization.

Local guiding groups. ≫

I would like to attend Mass.

While most churches have no restrictions on participation in Mass, the our center is a “facility that accepts pre-visit contacts to churches within the World Heritage Site”.
We are unable to respond or reply to inquiries from prospective Mass attendees.

Is it possible to take pictures of the inside of the church?

Photography is prohibited inside each church owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki.

the Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki Various applications relating to church photos, etc. (JP)

Please keep the inside of the church in your own memory.
Interior photography is allowed at the former Gorin Church in Goto City (a separate procedure is required in case of interviews, etc.).

We wish to photograph churches for program production, magazine interviews, and other commercial purposes.

Applications and permits for church photography are handled by the respective owners and managing entities.

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Would like to be provided with photos of churches that can be published or used in video materials, magazines, brochures, or for other promotional purposes.

Images and videos of churches are available for a fee at the “Nagasaki Churches Information Center” online store. https://kyoukaigun.ocnk.net/

*When using images purchased in the above stores, a separate application procedure for publication and use is also required.

Do I need to prior notice if I want to visit a church that is not on the world cultural heritage?

In Nagasaki Prefecture, among churches outside the components of World Heritage Sites, the advance contact system is applied at Tabira Church in Hirado City.
For visits to other churches, no advance notice is required.
If you are visiting another church, prior notice is not required, but please do not enter the grounds or building during the event.

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Is there a fee for church visitation?

Since the church is not a tourist facility, there is no admission fee.
Exceptions are the National Treasures Oura Cathedral and Dozaki Church Museum, which require an admission fee.